Hi Def, Standard Def, and older analog technologies are available.

Final Cut Pro Mac with AJA I/O & Kona3
terra bytes of storage with full machine room access, 

Final Cut Pro / Logic Studio with AJA I/O & Kona2 
terra bytes of Xraid storage with full machine room access

7.1 Surround viewing room

Loading, transferring, and dubbing
the oldest to newest tape formats and media types
HD/SD Serial Digital, Firewire, Analog video
and sound transfers of any media format
to, or from your hard drives.

All tape formats analog and digital
Volume discounts available for mass duplication.
Simple to complex DVD menus. DVD dubs are made in real time

Media services provide high bandwidth
web videos and webcasting.
We can provide 3D animation and Film transfer services.

We offer production services shooting HD Video or Film, 
and can provide underwater and aerial shooting services

Technical questions or availability, just call!

  voice 212.598.3000       fax 212.228.3664