Local Spot Demo

On this reel you’ll see
!-800 Mattress, Local Car spots, Law Cash, UMDNJ, Clementon Park, Vonage
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Harry Douglas Corporate demo

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Harry Douglas National spots demo

National Spot Reel

Harry Douglas


These spots I produced and edited... So that makes me a PREDITOR. Get it?
I really enjoy making these spots, most times I only get print ad or a track. That’s enough for me to get it. Then I just go nuts! I use live type, motion and after effects to create those wacky sorta “in ya face” graphics.

Local spots are different than nationals, in style but most importantly budget.These have to done fast and inexpensively, I got that covered for you. Some of these commercials were created for less than $2K.

To edit I use Apple’s Final Cut Pro, or Avid Symphony.


voice 212.598.3000                           fax  212.228.3664