Harry Douglas

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with Newsday about web television back
when You Tube just started.




   Harry Douglas began his career in the industry when his talent for all things technical emerged at the age of 14. Fixing television sets, installing sound systems, and recording bands in his home built multi-track studio, Harry knew that a career in technology was what he was best suited for. 
With that in mind, Harry attended JCU, where he gained his business sense by pursuing his degree in economics while working in the schoolís media department. Soon even Harryís teachers were coming to him for his technical expertise.
Upon graduation in the late 1970ís, Harry landed a job at Sony Teletronics, which was then the largest video duplication facility around. Thatís where Harry was trained in every state-of-the-art piece of video equipment at that time.  He later went on to become chief engineer at North American Video, where he learned multi camera stage design and redesigned tape rooms. Then as chief engineer designed and implemented a multi camera stage for IPC which was MPCS company. He was then contracted to move and design a TV stage and an editing facility for North Star Productions. There learning CMX editing and color correction his editing career took off,   Harry soon realized he knew more than enough to begin his own business. Thus, in 1990, Magnetic was born.  Today, the company is a well known, cutting edge post-production facility serving the creative media industry, .Harry designed the Magnetic Post facility from scratch, based on information obtained from a focus groups detailing what clients were looking for. As a result, Magneticís 6,000 square foot facility on Fifth Avenue was born.
After 22 years in NYC Harry recently moved Magnetic Post to New Jersey. The net result is a combination of the highest quality broadcast post production services provided at the lowest possible cost, and now it has ample free parking!
Magnetic embraces change, it is key to remaining an asset to our clients.

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